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BACK WATER: In the middle of New Jersey exists a strange landscape of wetlands and wildlife migrations, garbage dumps and the ruins of industry, toxic waste sites and a river that tells the story of a civilization’s new frontier. That is what seven young people have chosen to paddle through for 10 days, in canoes… A singular expedition, as romantic as it is political.

SYNOPSIS: BACK WATER is set in the New Jersey Meadowlands, a landscape defined by its bizarre post‐industrial ecosystem, toxic waste spills, mob affiliations, garbage dumps, bird migrations, and its proximity to the most densely populated city in the U.S. The documentary follows a 7-person expedition who traverse this stark and striking landscape by canoe, attempting to survive in a wilderness of super‐fund sites and Agent Orange storage tanks. Navigating the contradictions, dangers and surprises of this strange and beautiful place, the film offers a unique at times humorous view of what it means to live in the anthropocene, a geologic era created by humans.



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